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 Liadan Anne Branna St. Laurence (WiP), Countess//Code Breaker//Resident
Liadan St. Laurence
 Posted: Jun 9 2018, 11:46 PM

Liadan St. Laurence.

Mother. Wife. Elegant.Enigmatic.

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Full Name: Liadan Anne Branna St. Laurence (nee Fitzgerald)
Alias: Liddy, Liddy Anne, Mon Chou/Mon Petite Chou (My Bun, My Little Bun) by her husband
Age and Birthdate: 53, 07/20/1745
Gender: Female


Her breath began to speak
As she stood there in front of me
The color of her eyes were the color of insanity
Crushed beneath her waves
Like a ship, I could not reach the shore
We're all just dancers on the Devil's dance floor

The Way of that Life

One of her middle names speaks true to the meaning of the face you look at: a beauty with hair as dark as a raven. Black as pitch, where all the shadows swirl and things are planned. Dark brown eyes are so dark they, too, seem nearly black. Her skin is a milk white stained with the flush of red to the cheeks. A tint of crimson touches her lips in a stain, but beneath has always been a lighter shade of cherry. Her daughter received the FitzGerald neck as a gift from her. Often, it is adorned in tasteful, pretty jewels that befit the social occasion. For her age, it is remarkable in how little the skin has seemed to sag. Nothing on her yet is paper thin delicate. Her constitution, God willing, will continue to endure the crushing tide of social change as they come to the last three years of the present century. Her height is hardly imposing, being of average placement for a woman. It is her mind that proves the weapon of note. Kept like a well sharpened blade. Displayed on the right occasions. A voice that long went silent from suffering shock has learned to speak again. The accent rests somewhere between light Irish influence and many years of speaking French in an English country for the sake of culture. Her heart? That is, and will ever be, as green as the blood the FitzGerald name took when it married deep in the Irish country centuries ago to become "more Irish than the Irish themselves."

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