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 Gaston IV Moreau [WiP], tocome // Foreign
Gaston IV Moreau
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 07:57 AM

Gaston IV Moreau.

Choose. Four. Descriptive. Words.

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Full Name: Gaston IV Frédéric Jacques Moreau
Alias: Your character's nicknames or titles frequently used.
Age and Birthdate: 32, 1.15.1765
Gender & Sexuality: Male; Bisexual

Family & History

Gaston II Moreau(b. 1721 - d. 1765), Marquis de Champlay [Grandfather - Deceased]
Anne-Marie Moreau nee du Pont(b. 02.04.1730), Dowager Marquise de Champlay [Grandmother - 60]

Gaston III Moreau(b. 05.07.1747), Marquis de Champlay [Father - 43]
Madeleine Moreau nee Whitham(b. 09.12.1748 - d. 05.10.1775), Marquise de Champlay [Mother - Deceased]

Henriette-Julie Moreau nee Roux(b. 03.03.1763 - d. 02.12.1789), Baronne de Moreau [Wife - Deceased]
Marie-Jeanne Moreau(b. 1784) [first born daughter - 13]
Margaret Moreau(b. 1784) [second born daughter - 13]
Charles Moreau(b. 1786) [first born son - 11]
Madeleine Moreau(b. 02.06.1789 - d. 02.10.1789) [child - Deceased?? Or 8??]
EDUCATION: Masters of Art degree from Université de Douai
TITLE: Baron de Moreau
OCCUPATION: Plantation Manager of Chemin de Paradis Bleu
Youth, optional.
Employment/Station, Nationality, Ethnicity.
Recent history. Why India? Important.*
Gaston is of noble lineage, born and raised in such a lifestyle in France as well as in England. He has always worked hard to earn his Father's praise pf his father given that he was the third born son though eventually he'd become the heir; his two older brothers passing in his late teen years from war and sickness. While he had dreams, and desires, he put those aside to do as both his Father and society demanded: go into the military as part of the navy though he wanted to be part of the cavalry as he loved horses. Perhaps he would've pushed harder to be himself if not for the passing of his Mother from illness when he was 10-years-old. A loss that left an impact on him as much as did the memory of her presence in his life.

Eventually, Gaston married at 18 and moved about the life he was supposed to have as Baron de Moreau, eldest son of the Marquis de Champlay, and made a name for himself in the navy, his first experience after joining at age 16 being at the Battle of the Chesapeake, and became a Lieutenant in 1787. Unfortunately, his naval career would end only five months later after sustaining an injury when his ship— command given to him shortly after his advancement — had a skirmish with pirates. This resulted in an end to his time in the navy, and he went home to France where he pursued more education. In 1789, he'd lose his wife as a result of a hard labor experience only two days after the passing of their fourth child — a daughter that would only live four days. Not long afterward, needing a change, he packed up his household and headed for Saint-Domingue where he'd take over as the Plantation Manager of Chemin de Paradis Bleu directly instead of letting someone else do so while he helped run things from afar.
--- notes for details of history:
To bring about change in the practices of Moreau business and life; subtly until his Father dies and everything passes to him
To discover the truth about the deaths of his mother and wife
To marry again, and have more children

Personality & Appearance

Gaston prefers the bed company of men to women though does not find the latter distasteful, and will bed a woman if the desire or need should arise. His only female bed partner was his wife from the time they married until her death a little over a year ago. While he carries his Father's name, the same of his Grandfather and Great Grandfather before, he isn't like them in many respects; something owed to the influences of his Mother and several of his lovers. What this means is that while he oft-times can think like a man of the period — perhaps more appropriately like a man of previous periods — in regards to class divide, slavery, women, etc. that is not always the case. He has had the wool removed from his eyes enough in his life that he's unable to remain blind to the atrocities. This is even more the case in regards to a good deal of his family.

Not all the Moreaus think the way of certain societal groups, but it's a far more common occurrence with distant relatives. Those closer find themselves ousted, and blacklisted, if they dare step out of line. This is something that he fears happening to him which keeps him discreet about his preference for male bed partners and from daring to go against them in regards to his thoughts — especially his Father and Grandmother. Figuring that he can always bring about change once his Father is dead and everything passes to him. Of course, being patient is a challenge especially now that he has just learned some difficult information regarding the deaths of his Mother and Wife. This news also has brought about some thoughts and urges that he finds hard to keep in control especially during his episodes.

Beyond these things, Gaston can at times be found to have a temper and to fall into dismal episodes. The first can oft-times be a symptom of the second, especially when irritable, and during these episodes he is known to close himself off from everyone and spend a lot of time getting drunk. At other times though he can be highly energetic and happy, abnormally so, and if not observed or able to keep himself in check can end up making poor decisions. These times also lead to little sleep. When not dealing with an episode though he is quick to laugh, to smile, to enjoy life as much as possible unless he's working. He is known to make smart business decisions and to be a strict taskmaster. Work and responsibility come first for him, and then fun follows.

Standing at 5 foot 11 inches, Gaston IV is a young man with a build that can at times be lean and hard, but then at other times be thick and soft depending on whether he not he has been lazy within regards to physical activity. He does not excel with power and strength, given that he is narrow of shoulders and hips, and that he is lacking in muscle making him more susceptible to injuries given his slighter build. However, Gaston can eclipse in other areas such as stamina, speed, agility, and flexibility; having the lithe figure more suited to a dancer and the grace to match it, and his experience in certain athletics helped. This combined with blue eyes that can go from a cadet with more grey to a pale blue so light it could be compared to ice — in certain lights or while wearing certain shades even resembling shades of green — and curly, glossy russet hair, holding natural hints of blonde and red(in his facial hair as well), that is abundant to compliment thick, shapely brows and well-maintained facial hair around a sensuous mouth that is oft curved with an inviting smile in a face that some have called handsome or patrician only completes the image.

Gaston is a French noble, born and raised, who has been called fashionable on more than one occasion. Well-dressed, well-kempt, well-behaved according to some while others know well the more. . . rumpled side of him that exists along with the fact that while he holds no visible scars when clothed that is not the case when without them.

Raison d'etre

To leave a better legacy for his children, their children, and any future Moreaus
Goals and/or expectations.
Reasons for living.


Buddhism, Anglican, Protestantism, Hindi, Islam, etc.
Superstitions, idealism, realism, conspiracy beliefs, etc.
Practice: Active, partially practicing, or in name only? Or spiritual versus religious.


this whole section is optional. you can remove it or leave it blank.
List of strengths & weaknesses.


Male and female bed partners (more men than ladies. sorry ladies!)
A rousing discussion
Long walks
Liquor, Tobacco, Coffee, Cocoa (in that order)
The Sea
Ships (obviously)
Rowing, Running, Swimming
People that make him think/broaden his horizons
Fashionable clothes (on himself and on those who interest him)
Horse Riding/Racing & (Classical) Dressage

Cowards (amusing considering he is one)
Poor quality liquor
Having to find another wifely prospect
The process of courting
The situation in France
His Father
His Grandmother
His episodes(manic depression aka bipolar disorder)
Being idle for long periods
People that harm women, children, and animals
Inept/cruel horse trainers, racers, and dressage masters

British Imperialism?

Against or for. Also an important part of an application.*
Fine to also explain their loyalties here -- to French, to India, to particular tribes, etc.

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