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 Position & Play-By Reserve List, Refer To for Position/Faces When Apping
 Posted: May 11 2017, 01:10 AM





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Position & Playby Reserve List

Use this to hold your face claim and positions requests for apps in WiP status. This can also be used for earmarking a position you want a character in play to be promoted to. All reserves are held for (2) month period from the date of code submission, unless there is an event with time specific limits in place.Make sure to check this list when creating new characters! Post in this thread using the appropriate code to reserve.

For Livie Marie
Position/Play-by/Face Claim
Livie Marie reserving Blanchett, Cate for Beathag Aberdeen until 08.14.2018
Livie Mariereserving Brown-Findlay, Jessica for Caroline Newbury until 08.14.2018
Livie Marie reserving Richardson-Sellers, Maisie for Leila Cook until 08.14.2018
Livie Marie reserving Yun Fat, Chow for Zhang Renshu until 08.14.2018

For Tabs
Play-by/Face Claim
Tabs reserving Hiddleston, Tom for Ignace Moreau until 08.14.2018
Tabs reserving Jaffri, Abas for Dariush Fayyūmī until 08.14.2018
Tabs reserving Mison, Tom for Cedric Atherton until 08.14.2018
Tabs reserving Penty, Diana for Liliana Campbell until 08.14.2018
Tabs reserving Shahi, Sarah for Yasmeen Durant until 08.14.2018
Tabs reserving Taylor-Johnson, Aaron for Gaston IV Moreau until 08.14.2018
Tabs reserving Thornburg, Tony for Emrys Leveque until 08.14.2018
Tabs reserving Verbeek, Lotte for Victoire de Laborde until 08.14.2018

For Violet
Play-by/Face Claim
Violet reserving Zhu Zhu for Biyu Martin until 08.14.2018
Violet reserving Patel, Nikesh for Jagan Kopparthi until 08.14.2018

For Bluegrass
Play-by/Face Claim
Bluegrass reserving Chaopra, Priyanka for Jacquelyn "Jack" Flynn until 08.13.18
Bluegrass reserving Surowiec, Sonny for Andrew "Drew" Hyland until 08.15.18
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