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 The Little Palace, A Family of Service
Nellore Kumari Durga
 Posted: Apr 14 2018, 11:16 PM

Nellore Kumari Durga




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Little Palace: Artisan & Matriarch

The Little Palace

A family business made up of the unique talents of its residents and the secrets, agendas, and objective of those they believe in, the enemies of others, and the world at large serving as the greatest asset for survival.

Fearless Leader: Durga Nellore known in public spheres as Akanksha or simply Miss in regional languages
Location: Little Palace
Ownership:Nellore/Geese/Jablonski family own the household


What if there was a place at the crossroads of life where no matter where you went, right or left, there was always a point in the middle to return to? What if, when you were lost, it took only meeting one person or another to lead you to a place where your sense of belonging was instant, no matter where you were from? That was how it happened in Hyderabad when three servants of the Nizam all came together so they would always be counted as one. It continued when they found their freedom in the city of Visakhapatnam, where a woman named Durga, the core of them all, purchased a house from a half-caste person of Dutch ancestry for them to call home. Kings and Queens of a Little Palace, they called it. Others had referred to it by that name, for the walled in gardens were beautiful, the stories of its inhabitants the same. Storied, adventurous, and almost too hard to believe were real.

Their talents find them just as well placed among the varied communities of the city. All of them are able to cross and connect, which means that their ability to barter in their talents is matched only by the information within their heads. This valuable currency, be it instructions, a destination, names, or dates, are such that anyone would risk themselves to get it. For to cross the communities is to eventually cross paths with those who would wish to harm those known. In order to avoid being caught in the cross hairs of another's battle, they have deemed to protect that information, the people who give it to them, their means of understanding it and the trading of it.

Come, find a home with the Banjara, the Siddhi, the Polish, and the man from the Levant who call this place home. Be among the friends be they Parsi, Hindu, Muslim, or even the few British who manage to reveal that not all of their kind are spoiled or selfish. Take up your trade, grow your futures as one. Also, take up a cause, listen to the pulse of the city, and for the sake of the family you come to love? Learn the language of whispers on the wind at the crossroads of life.


It has been two years, though it seems longer, since new life was brought to the Little Palace. The old inhabitant had been a half-caste man with Dutch ancestry. He was going to sell his house, electing to move to a place where he felt the Dutch part of him would fair better than the Hindu part ever had. It was said that the man had made a small fortune while in the home but fell on hard times, never saying why. What is known is in he community of both Hindus and those of half ancestry, this man was more than happy to sell ownership of is home, deed and all, to a family that had as strange of ties to each other as he did blood in his veins. The reasons for his leaving are kept under the lips of those who live there, vowing to never betray the man who showed them such kindness. The truth? They saw a debt he came to collect on go awry, his life threatened, and in order that he be able to keep his ties into this community without losing his life? He needed someone he could trust. The Banjara who sold her art to him, read his fortune, and the Muslims who both were kind and kept his accounts were as close to friends as he'd had in a long, long time.

It was no tradition Durga had inention to keep up. She, as a Banjara born woman, understood the loyalty to one's tribe. Given that hers now involved to Hyderabadi Muslims of Siddi ancestry? To them, she was loyal. To her, they were loyal. No one knew that they had come from Hyderabad as former slaves in the harem of the Nizam, so they began again as merely artistans and laborers, finding that their charm, their skills, their personages were so well liked that people saw them in a different light. Farhad became the elder brother of two sisters, one Hindu, one Muslim, but no one disparaged either nor called them half. Their living as artisans, storytellers, and people of clever intelligence had placed them clearly in the world enough to be as merchants who had once been poor but were rising again. The Hindus do not see them low, nor do the Muslims. Europeans do not much care but do not look at them as if they were so low as the dirt underfoot, either.

With time, by love and connections of fate, the family grew to include two Polish people fleeing their land so that trouble would not shadow them anymore. A brother sought to make a better life for his sister where she could dream. Somehow, that dream unfolds in the Little Palace where Tomasz Jablonski is a prince among them, and his sister, Marzena, a princess. The community looks upon them as an unusual family for the Muslim to match his sister with, but it would seem that somehow, their hard working attributes lend to the myth surrounding the place. Whatever they do, whatever they touch, turns to some sort of gold. A Parsi dress maker comes to sew. A man from the Levant finds his destiny. It is even said they entertained a Mirza on his birthday, and that they have favor with many of the Europeans in higher places.

The present finds them with a hand on the pulse of the earth and an ear to the wind. They learn many things, and guard or move that information along with impunity. It is not to say they display what sides they take in affairs, but one can be sure that they move as something of a unit in their decisions. It is said to have one of them near is to court good fortune, and to lose their trust? Some disaster.

Rank & Positions

The Little Palace functions as a familial unit, broadened by adoptions, marriages, and links as they grow with each individual character. Their place in the story as messengers, guardians, and traders of knowledge between parties happens when individuals, pairs, or groups find themselves participating in the various lives of the characters in play. What they do with the information and their services is to guard it and their keepers, pass it along only as requested, or to seek compensation for their place in the outsiders life who gives them that information. While not by nature killers for highers or informants for higher, those who gain their trust may be able to use them as such, but only for purposes they and the family agree are vital. The structure is familial, tribal, and in a sense, matriarchal. Durga's sense of person be it on her own accord or the dreams she has are omens no one ignores.

How to join them
Establish an story with any member of the Little Palace that gets you introduced to them and brought into the household, and continue from there with plotting what brings you there, what will bind you in time, and how you feel about their overall structure.

How to recruit them to your cause
As the inhabitants of the house have a variety of occupations and friends, it means their list of people and causes can grow or shrink over time. In order to find out if they are a fit for keeping your information, your cause, and assisting you, or if they would have a reason to detest someone outright therefore help you more directly, establish a story with the inhabitants. You will need to prove yourself just as loyal to them as they would be to you, and be prepared for bartering! Durga does not let her family get mixed up in affairs without just compensation to person, purse, or both! Keep in mind they are a cross roads sort of grouping, meaning they are not necessarily taking their own side so much as gathering the words from causes of those close to them, which means they could be for certain things or against others, while being ever loyal to certain person(s) and causes. You may also challenge and assume they know information as well for your plots, and court them to shake them down.

The Family
Rank listing is very easy to follow, in that it operates very much in the sense of family position and also listed trades/talents for use. While keeping certain biases as a group or individual (the intentions of rich people, or particular countries or culture) in general, they learn to see beyond to the worth of a person if they prove themselves as such. With that, this family plot extends to all be they are be they, Hindustani, Half Hindustani, or from other countries.The Alliances
Patrin --Matriarchs of both families are close, so close that they function as an extension of Patrin in a way. Two tribes in the same circles, ever loyal to one another.
Yorkshire Fellowship --Family members with business and personal ties to the Masters of this unique group of academic, cultural, and secretive individuals in Waltair.

The Enemies
Simha Brethren -- Their multi-cultural family is too easily caught in the crossfire, nor do they believe in the ruin and harm these people use to make their point

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