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 Frequently Asked Questions, Check here for a quick rundown
 Posted: Nov 1 2016, 12:25 AM





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Admin / Rani

The most frequently asked questions on the site, lore, characters, organisation, navigation, and common errors/issues, we cover it all. If you need something in particular, ctrl-F will help you find it.

— Site Issues, OOC Things, & Navigation —

I. Is this site active?
A. I like to think so! As of this writing, we've been open since December 8th, 2016. You can see IC posts and their time stamps in places like Waltair and Lower Visakhapatnam. Additionally, we get one or two new members a week, all of them enthusiastic and willing to thread right away.

— Lore & In Character Things —

I. How important is historical accuracy?
A. Fairly important to an extent! This roleplay is under the genre of historical fiction. This is a big distinction from Historical AUs. Fiction means that you can create fictional characters and events, as long as they are based off of true events and do not diverge from the realities of the time period and area such as social rules, political rules, and the like.
We enjoy originality and creativity, so it's not necessary for characters to be based on historical figures, but historical detail and foundation is vital to make your character's reason to be in the area worthwhile. For example, a Spaniard Gypsy should know her country's beliefs, ideals, and manner of speaking, but she herself is entirely fictional and has plenty of room for growth in any particular direction in India.
We are open to possibilities and various interpretations! Plus, remember, we understand that India has a rich history that takes a while to learn so you don't have to be strict with yourself and be totally right the first go-around. You can grow and learn with us.

II. Can I app a gay, trans, bisexual, genderfluid, and/or lesbian character?
A. Yes. They can be either closeted or open, too. In fact, India has a mix of cultures that have their own take on LGBT+ people. For the most part, Indians were open and accepting of homosexuals, particularly the Hindus. The French people were likely to take advantage of this, so as long as their peers didn't write home about it. The British were more oppressive and judgmental of it, particularly within the Company.
More interestingly, for your potential research into a trans character, is this:
Hijara = Most Indians had something called this, which were men who dress/perform/often live as women.They were seen as something of a third sex, and that was a notion within Hinduism. They were valued. Please feel free to ask us about it or do some research on it. It's really quite fun!

— Applications & Claims —

I. How long can my application sit and pend for?
A. There is no time limit on this. You can post your WIP application and work on it for as long as you want to. When it has been pended for edits, we also allow you to take as long as you need to make those edits. Finally, when it is ready, we take no longer than 24 hours to approve it.

II. Do I have to use the employment registrar?
A. Not necessarily. If your character has no specific job or is not part of any rank in any group, then you haven't the need for filling in the code. Those instances include noblemen, daughters, sons, etc. However, most of us do use the employment registrar simply to put in daughter, son, etc. The registrar gives a look at what all of the characters are doing or what their status is.

III. How do I fill in the employment registrar?
A. This is quickly explained in How to Register guideline. Here is an outline, anyway. Take a look at the Registrar.
  • The Occupation Category section of the claim code corresponds to the subheaders in the registrar such as Civilians, Law, Army, Maritime, and Royals.
  • The Occupation Title corresponds to the descriptions below these. For example, under Maritime it shows captains, gunners, shipyard owners, privateers.
  • The Employer/Business Name is where you name the place, company, organization, locale, village, colony, ship, or society your character has a position within. For example: Yorkshire Fellowship, Patrin, The Helvetius Intrepid Society, BEIC, FEIC, HMS Amabel.
IV.. What's the difference between Residence and Foreign?
A. Otherwise known as "Help! I don't understand the usergroups!" We got you. Your character is Foreign if visiting or not part of a main group. Your character is Resident if settled or part of French, Dutch, or Portuguese groups. The rest of the explanations are here: User Groups, Legends & Explanations.

— Other Common Errors & Issues —

I. Why do does the post or thread sometimes not show up when I click on the link?
A. That's because a.) there is a jcink glitch relating to this and b.) we need to use the correct link in our claims, codes, and various linking endeavors. Sometimes we don't.
Wrong: Elongated links like or
Correct: Immediate links like or

— Other Questions —

I. What is Discord?
A. It's a chatting system that was made by gamers for gamers. It's far more effective and streamlined than Skype, AIM, and other chatting programs. It doesn't take up as much space and works very well on most mobile devices.

II. Do we have to use Discord?
A. No. It isn't required. Most OOC communications can just be in PMs, cbox, or in the OOC Forums. We do use it a lot and can be reached there quicker than anywhere else. In particular, we have channels within our server that makes things extra fun and handy to have around. PLEASE NOTE: You will want to adjust your notifications because a pile-up of notifications can cause you to lag or crash discord. The server is very active.
  • #the_crazy_room: General OOC chit-chat. Be warned, it gets very active and crazy in no time at all.
  • #plot_sweet_plot: If you don't want your plotting or plot requests to get overwhelmed by the general chatter of the main channel, this is the best place to focus on plots and pinging ideas off of each other.
  • #tag_box: You can actually tag members of the StUD server in this and link them to the thread you posted in for them. Tagging works by @Username####. The person receiving the tag will get notified in real-time.
  • #the_chance_box: Do you want to roll a dice or flip a coin on deciding what occurs in thread or IC wise? Examples include pregnancy, progression of intimacy, battle moves and successes, and even more random things like recent use of ;flipacoin to see if a lamp gets knocked over or gets caught just in time. This is the only place to do it.
  • #media_room: Gifs, images, and more are shared here. This is so that people's experience while mobile ensures that their data doesn't get drained. Tip: It is possible to turn off previewing image in your settings.
  • #the_library: Research links, book information, and serious discussions go here.
  • #the_bad_room_nsfw: We keep this separate due to people not wanting the main room to be spammed and some folks checking discord while at work or around children.
  • #bad_distractions: This one got added to play with a bot. We now have snail racing bot, a discord game causing us plenty of distractions and hilarity.

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